Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Winter Tree Enamel on Copper Pendant with Sterling Silver OOAK



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This treependant treewas treemade treeby treesifting treeand treehand treepainting treeenamels treeonto treecopper treeand treeusing treethe treescraffito treetechnique treewith treemultiple treefirings treein treea treekiln. treeA treehandmade treebale treeof treeSterling treeSilver treeis treeatop treethe treecolorful treedesign treeto treecomplete treethe treependant. treeThe treeback treeis treecounter treeenameled treein treeblack.This treependant treemeasures tree1 tree1/2"** treeAn tree18" treeBlack treeSatin treecord treewith treea treeSterling treeSilver treeLobster treeclaw treeclasp treeis treeincluded.The treeSterling treeSilver treechain treeshown treewith treethe treependant treeis treefor treesale treein treemy treeshop.**Arrives treein treea treeBeautiful treeBlue treebox treein treea treePolka treedotted treepouch.

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