Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wedding jewelry set, Complete set Vintage Victorian Design Necklace and Earrings MTO



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DESCRIPTION\rA antique designcomplete antique designmatching antique designset antique designwith antique designa antique designbeautiful antique designnecklace antique designand antique designa antique designpair antique designof antique designearrings. antique designIt antique designis antique designcompleted antique designwith antique designa antique designvintage antique designdesign. antique designReminds antique designme antique designof antique designthe antique designVictorian antique designperiod antique designwhen antique designjewelry antique designwas antique designso antique designintricate antique designand antique designcompleted antique designwith antique designcare. antique designThe antique designworkmanship antique designon antique designthese antique designpieces antique designare antique designclear.\r\rMETAL\r18 antique designkarat antique designtwo antique designtone antique designgold\r24.89 antique designgrams antique designtotal\rLength antique designof antique designNecklace antique designis antique design16 antique designinches\rClasp antique designis antique designLobster antique designClaw\r\rACCENT antique designSTONES\rCut antique designVariety: antique design159 antique designRound antique designBrilliant antique designCut antique design\rWeight: antique design2.17 antique designCarats antique designTotal antique designWeight\r(Diamonds antique designin antique designNecklace antique design1.18 antique designcarats, antique designdiamonds antique designin antique designearrings antique design0.99 antique designcarats)\rQuality: antique designF/VS2\r\rThis antique designitem antique designis antique designmade antique designto antique designorder. antique designPlease antique designallow antique designsix antique designto antique designeight antique designweeks antique designto antique designhave antique designit antique designmade antique designbefore antique designit antique designcan antique designbe antique designshipped antique designout.

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