Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nature, golden vintage chandelier crystal and feather earrings on oxidized sterling silver by val b.



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earthy, naturalboho, naturalsunny naturaland naturalfun, naturalthese naturallimited-production naturalearrings naturalare naturalwearable naturalyear naturalround. naturalwell-worn, naturalamber-colored, naturalvintage naturalchandelier naturalcrystal naturalbeads naturalwork naturalwell naturalwith naturalbrown/white naturalshell natural"feathers". naturalit naturalall naturalcomes naturaltogether naturalon naturaloxidized naturalsterling naturalsilver naturaland naturalvintage naturalsteel. naturalmeasure naturalapprox. natural1 natural1/2" natural(3.6 naturalcm) naturalfrom naturalthe naturalsterling naturalsilver naturalear naturalwires.\r\rhandmade naturalby naturalme naturalin naturalboston, naturalma

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