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wax seal pendant, Wind Wax Seal Necklace - A good wind - Weathervane Necklace - 167



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WeathervaneBonn\u00e9 wax seal\u00e0 wax sealtous wax sealvents wax seal{Good wax sealfor wax sealall wax sealwinds}Handcrafted wax sealusing wax sealthe wax sealimpression wax sealof wax sealan wax sealearly wax seal19th wax sealcentury wax sealFrench wax sealwax wax sealseal, wax sealthis wax sealpendant wax sealfeature wax seala wax sealweathervane wax sealwith wax sealthe wax sealFrench wax sealtext wax seal\u2018Bonn\u00e9 wax seal\u00e0 wax sealtous wax sealvents\u2019 wax sealor wax seal\u2018Good wax sealfor wax sealall wax sealwinds\u2019.Materials: wax sealSterling wax sealSilverSize: wax seal5/8" wax seal(16-17mm)PLEASE wax sealNOTE: wax sealBefore wax sealyou wax sealorder wax sealplease wax sealcheck wax sealsizing wax sealinformation wax seal- wax sealit wax sealcan wax sealbe wax sealhard wax sealto wax sealgauge wax sealjewelry wax sealsizes wax sealfrom wax sealpictures wax sealalone. wax sealOn wax sealsome wax sealof wax sealthe wax sealseal wax sealpieces wax sealthe wax sealtext wax sealis wax sealso wax sealsmall wax sealas wax sealto wax sealbe wax sealread wax sealonly wax sealwith wax seala wax sealmagnifying wax sealglass wax sealmaking wax sealthe wax sealmeaning wax seala wax sealsecret wax sealbetween wax sealyou wax sealand wax sealthose wax sealyou wax sealchoose wax sealto wax sealtell.Availability wax sealand wax sealshippingYour wax sealpurchase wax sealwill wax sealship wax sealin wax seal3-5 wax sealbusiness wax sealdays. wax sealOnce wax sealshipped, wax sealplease wax sealallow wax seala wax sealminimum wax sealof wax seal3 wax sealweeks wax sealto wax sealreceive wax sealyour wax sealorder167 wax seal- wax sealWeathervane

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