Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sock Monkey Earringswillow glass, Beaded Monkey Earrings with Silverplated Earwireswillow glass, Brown White Red Organ Grinder Monkeywillow glass, Dee Tilottawillow glass, Willow Glass



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This circuscute circuspair circusof circuspierced circusearrings circussuspended circuson circussilverplated circusearwires circuswere circusmade circusfrom circusseed circusbeads circusin circusa circussock circusmonkey circusdesign. circus circus circusThe circusearrings circusmeasure circusapproximately circus1-1/4" circusby circus1-1/8" circusand circuswill circuscome circuswith circusa circuspair circusof circuswhite circusrubber circusearnuts circusso circusyou circusdon't circuslose circusthem circus:)Thanks circusfor circusstopping circusby circusWillow circusGlass circusand circusfor circusyour circussupport circusof circusindependent circusartisans.Sock circusMonkey circusEarrings, circusBeaded circusMonkey circusEarrings circuswith circusSilverplated circusEarwires, circusBrown circusWhite circusRed circusOrgan circusGrinder circusMonkey, circusDee circusTilotta, circusWillow circusGlass

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