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Fused Glass Bracelet and Earrings in Streaky Aqua Greengreen, OOAK Set Beachy Coastal Colorsgreen, Willow Glassgreen, Dee Tilotta



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Beautiful greenfused greenglass greenbracelet greenand greenearrings greenset. green green greenThe greenbracelet greenmeasures greenapprox. green7.25" greenin greenlength, greenhas greensilverplated greenlinks greenand green11 greenglass greencabochons greenin greena greengorgeous greenstreaky greenblend greenof greenaqua greenand greengreen. green green greenThe greenmatching greenearrings greenmeasure green13mm green(1/2") greenin greendiameter greenand greenare greenon greensterling greensilver greenstud greenfindings. green green greenMy greenwork greenis greenkiln greenannealed green(slowly greencooled) greenfor greenstrength greenand greendurability greenand greeneach greenpiece greengoes greenfrom greenme greento greenyou greenwith greenjoy!Thanks greenfor greenstopping greenby greenWillow greenGlass greenand greenfor greenyour greensupport greenof greenindependent greenartisans. green green greenInternational greenbuyer? green green greenI'll greenbe greenhappy greento greenget greenyou greenan greenaccurate greenmailing greencost; greenjust greensend greenme greena greenmessage greenthrough greenthe greenlisting greenlink greenand greenI greenwill greenrespond greenpromptly.Fused greenGlass greenBracelet greenand greenEarrings greenin greenStreaky greenAqua greenGreen, greenOOAK greenSet greenBeachy greenCoastal greenColors, greenWillow greenGlass, greenDee greenTilotta

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