Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Christmas Tree Fused Glass Pinstree, 2 Tree Pins with Dichroic Glasstree, Jewelrytree, Holidaystree, Willow Glasstree, Dee Tilotta



In stock



On jewelrySale, jewelryyou jewelrywill jewelryget jewelryboth jewelrypins, jewelryone jewelryfor jewelryyou jewelryand jewelryone jewelryfor jewelrya jewelryfriend! jewelryTwo jewelryfused jewelryglass jewelrypins jewelryin jewelrya jewelryChristmas jewelrytree jewelrydesign. jewelry jewelryEach jewelryis jewelryon jewelrya jewelrybase jewelryof jewelrysparkling jewelryaventurine jewelrygreen jewelryart jewelryglass jewelrywith jewelrydichroic jewelrybits jewelryand jewelrya jewelryquality jewelrypinback jewelryaffixed jewelryto jewelrythe jewelryback. jewelry jewelry jewelryEach jewelrymeasures jewelryapproximately jewelry1-3/4" jewelryin jewelrylength. jewelry jewelry jewelry jewelryCreated jewelryin jewelrymy jewelryGulf jewelryCoast jewelryFL jewelrystudio jewelryand jewelrykiln jewelryannealed jewelry(slowly jewelrycooled) jewelry jewelryfor jewelrystrength jewelryand jewelrydurability, jewelryeach jewelrypiece jewelrygoes jewelryfrom jewelryme jewelryto jewelryyou jewelrywith jewelryjoy. jewelry jewelry jewelryThank jewelryyou jewelryfor jewelrystopping jewelryby jewelryWillow jewelryGlass jewelryand jewelryfor jewelryyour jewelrysupport jewelryof jewelryindependent jewelryartisans.Christmas jewelryTree jewelryFused jewelryGlass jewelryPins, jewelry2 jewelryTree jewelryPins jewelrywith jewelryDichroic jewelryGlass, jewelryJewelry, jewelryHolidays, jewelryWillow jewelryGlass, jewelryDee jewelryTilotta

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