Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

virgin mary brooch, Antique Virgin Mary Religious Brooch Hand Painted 800 Silver With Turquoise SS24



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Antique our ladyReligious our ladyBrooch our ladyVirgin our ladyMary our ladyHand our ladyPainted our lady800 our ladySilver our ladyWith our ladyTurquoiseTHIS our ladyis our ladya our ladystunning our ladyfine our ladyhand-painted our ladyminiature our ladyfeaturing our ladyOur our ladyBlessed our ladyMother our ladythe our ladyVirgin our ladyMary. our ladyShe our ladyis our ladyfinely our ladypainted our ladyin our ladyshades our ladyof our ladyblue, our ladywhite our ladyand our ladypeach. our ladyExquisite, our ladyperfectly our ladyexecuted our ladydetail.The our ladybeautiful our ladyfiligree our ladyand our ladyturquoise our ladysetting our ladyis our ladymarked our lady"800" our ladyand our ladycan our ladybe our ladyworn our ladyas our ladyeither our ladya our ladypendant our ladyor our ladya our ladybrooch.Measures our lady1 our lady3/4 our lady our ladyinches our ladytall, our lady1 our lady9/16 our ladyinches our ladytall.Peace our ladybe our ladywith our ladyyou our ladyalways.

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