Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

5 for 25 Fused Glass Pendant in Lime and Coconutjewelry, Glass Jewelryjewelry, Glass Pendantjewelry, Willow Glassjewelry, Dee Tilottajewelry, Green and White Pendant CLEARANCE



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Below greenwholesale greenfrom greenmy greencloseout greensection.You greenput greende greenlime greenin greende greencoconut green...Fused greenglass greenpendants greenin greenlime greengreen greenand greencoconut greenwhite greenart greenglass greenand greenmeasuring greenapprox. green1-3/4" greenby green1" green(42mm greenx green26mm). green green greenA greenlarge greensterling greensilverplated greenbail greenis greenfirmly greenaffixed greento greenthe greenback. green green green greenKiln greenannealed green(slowly greencooled) greenfor greenstrength greenand greendurability. greenEach greenpiece greengoes greenfrom greenme greento greenyou greenwith greenjoy!Thanks greenfor greenstopping greenby greenWillow greenGlass greenand greenfor greenyour greensupport greenof greenindependent greenartisans.5 greenfor green25 greenFused greenGlass greenPendant greenin greenLime greenand greenCoconut, greenGlass greenJewelry, greenGlass greenPendant, greenWillow greenGlass, greenDee greenTilotta, greenGreen greenand greenWhite greenPendant greenCLEARANCE

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