Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fused Glass Christmas Tree Pinjewelry, Choice Limited Edition Tree Pins Green Pink Tealjewelry, Jewelry Accessoriesjewelry, Willow Glassjewelry, Dee Tilotta



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Your tealchoice tealof teala tealfused tealglass tealpin tealin teala tealChristmas tealtree tealdesign. teal tealYour tealchoice tealof:Sparkling tealaventurine tealgreen tealmeasuring tealapproximately teal3-1/2" tealin teallength tealSalmon tealpink tealwith teala teallime tealtree tealtrunk tealmeasuring tealapproximately teal2-3/4"Teal tealwith teala tealwhite tealwash tealand teala teallime tealtrunk tealmeasuring tealapproximately teal2-1/2" tealin teallengthEach tealhas teala tealquality tealpinback tealaffixed tealto tealthe tealback. teal teal tealCreated tealin tealmy tealGulf tealCoast tealFL tealstudio tealand tealkiln tealannealed teal(slowly tealcooled) teal tealfor tealstrength tealand tealdurability. teal tealEach tealpiece tealgoes tealfrom tealme tealto tealyou tealwith tealjoy!Thank tealyou tealfor tealstopping tealby tealWillow tealGlass tealand tealfor tealyour tealsupport tealof tealindependent tealartisans.Fused tealGlass tealChristmas tealTree tealPin, tealBlue tealChristmas tealLimited tealEdition, tealJewelry tealAccessories, tealGlass tealShards tealTree tealPin, tealWillow tealGlass, tealDee tealTilotta

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