Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Christmas Tree Fused Glass Pin with Dichroicaccessory, Unisex Holiday Jacket Pinaccessory, Willow Glass Holiday Jacket Pinaccessory, Willow Glassaccessory, Dee Tilotta



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Say greena greenvery greenMerry greenChristmas greenwith greenthis greenfused greenglass greenpin greenin greentransparent greenchartreuse greengreen greenart greenglass greenwith greenpatterned greendichroic greenglass. green green greenPerfect greenfor greenguys greenor greengals, greenit greenmeasures green1-1/2" greenin greenlength greenand greenhas greena greenquality greenpinback greensecurely greenaffixed greenon greenthe greenback. green green greenOne-of-a-kind!My greenwork greenis greencreated greenin greenmy greenGulf greenCoast greenFL greenstudio greenand greenkiln greenannealed green(slowly greencooled) greenfor greenstrength greenand greendurability. green greenEach greenpiece greengoes greenfrom greenme greento greenyou greenwith greenjoy!Thanks greenfor greenstopping greenby greenWillow greenGlass greenand greenfor greenyour greensupport greenof greenindependent greenartisans.Christmas greenTree greenFused greenGlass greenPin greenwith greenDichroic, greenUnisex greenHoliday greenJacket greenPin, greenWillow greenGlass greenHoliday greenJacket greenPin, greenWillow greenGlass, greenDee greenTilotta

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