Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CLEARANCE Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet in Pink OR Orange Choicedichroic bracelet, Glass Jewelrydichroic bracelet, 2 Different Sizes Braceletdichroic bracelet, Willow Glassdichroic bracelet, Dee Tilotta



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HALF pinkPRICE, pinkoriginally pink$30 pinkeach.These pinkbeautiful pinkdichroic pinkfused pinkglass pinkbracelet pinkmeasure pinkapproximately pink pink7" pinkto pink8" pinkin pinklength pink, pinkhave pinksilverplated pinklinks pinkand pink13 pinkdichroic pinkpieces pinkin pinkdeep pinkpink pinkor pink11 pinkdichroic pinkpieces pinkin pinkjuicy pinkorange! pink pink pinkThe pinkglass pinkpieces pinkmeasure pinkapproxiately pink11mm pinkin pinkdiameter pink(just pinkunder pink1/2" pinkeach). pinkDepending pinkon pinkthe pinkangle pinkthat pinkit's pinkviewed pinkat, pinkdichroic pinkglass pinkreflects pinkand pinktransmits pinkdifferent pinkcolors.So, pinkplease pinkremember pinkthat pinkthe pinkpink pinkis pinkjust pinka pinkbit pinklonger pinkthan pinkthe pinkorange!My pinkwork pinkis pinkfired pinkat pinktemperatures pinkup pinkto pink1500 pinkdegrees pinkand pinkis pinkkiln pinkannealed pink(slowly pinkcooled) pinkfor pinkstrength pinkand pinkdurability. pinkEach pinkpiece pinkgoes pinkfrom pinkme pinkto pinkyou pinkwith pinkjoy!Thanks pinkfor pinkstopping pinkby pinkWillow pinkGlass pinkand pinkfor pinkyour pinksupport pinkof pinkindependent pinkartisans.CLEARANCE pinkDichroic pinkFused pinkGlass pinkBracelet pinkin pinkPink pinkOR pinkOrange pinkChoice, pinkGlass pinkJewelry, pink2 pinkDifferent pinkSizes pinkBracelet, pinkWillow pinkGlass, pinkDee pinkTilotta

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