Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vial, Vintage Brass Acorn Canister Necklace | Secret Stash



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Necklace autumncomprised autumnof autumna autumnvintage autumnbrass autumnconcealed autumnacorn autumncanister autumnhanging autumnfrom autumna autumn24" autumngold autumnplated autumnchain autumnand autumnclasp. autumnAcorn autumncap autumnunscrews autumnrevealing autumna autumnsecret autumnhollowed autumnopening autumnin autumnthe autumnpendant. autumnThe autumncanister autumnmeasures autumn1.5 autumninches autumnlong autumnwith autumna autumnlittle autumnover autumn1/2 autumninch autumndiameter autumnat autumnwidest autumnpoint. autumnPerfect autumnfor autumncontaining autumnall autumnthe autumnsecrets, autumnstashes, autumnand autumncuriosities autumnyou autumnmay autumnhave.Thanks autumnso autumnmuch autumnfor autumntaking autumna autumnpeek autumnand autumnplease autumnhave autumna autumnlook autumnaround autumnthe autumnrest autumnof autumnthe autumnshop: autumncontrary..\u25baFind autumnme autumnon autumnInstagram autumnfor autumnnew autumnpieces autumnand autumnspecials, autumn

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