Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Choice Polymer Clay Pendant with Resin on Black Cordpendant on cord, OOAK Pendantspendant on cord, Choose Color and Shapependant on cord, Willow Glasspendant on cord, Dee Tilotta



In stock



Your jewelrychoice jewelryof jewelryone-of-a-kind jewelry jewelrypendants jewelrymade jewelryfrom jewelrypolymer jewelryclay jewelryand jewelrycoated jewelryin jewelryresin jewelryfor jewelryshine jewelryand jewelrydurability. jewelry jewelry jewelryEach jewelrycomes jewelryon jewelryan jewelry18" jewelryblack jewelryrubber jewelrycord jewelryand jewelryyou jewelrycan jewelrychoose jewelryfrom:Pink jewelryand jewelrySilver jewelryGray jewelrycircle jewelrymeasuring jewelry1-1/4" jewelryin jewelrydiameterOrange jewelryand jewelrySand-colored jewelryteardrop jewelrymeasuring jewelry1-1/2" jewelryin jewelrylengthChartreuse jewelryand jewelrySilver jewelryGray jewelrysquared jewelryteardrop jewelrymeasuring jewelry1-3/4" jewelryin jewelrylengthThanks jewelryfor jewelrystopping jewelryby jewelryWillow jewelryGlass jewelryand jewelryfor jewelryyour jewelrysupport jewelryof jewelryindependent jewelryartisans.Choice jewelryPolymer jewelryClay jewelryPendant jewelrywith jewelryResin jewelryon jewelryBlack jewelryCord, jewelry jewelryOOAK jewelryPendants, jewelryChoose jewelryColor jewelryand jewelryShape, jewelryWillow jewelryGlass, jewelryDee jewelryTilotta

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