Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho vintage mixed metals and leather bow collar necklaceboho necklace, Alexis Kirk style black silver brass copper



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Unusual leather necklacevintage leather necklacecollar leather necklacenecklace leather necklacecomprised leather necklaceof leather necklacemixed leather necklacemetals leather necklaceand leather necklaceblack leather necklaceleather leather necklacewith leather necklacea leather necklacemetal leather necklacebow leather necklaceas leather necklacethe leather necklacefocal leather necklacepoint. leather necklaceUnhooks leather necklaceon leather necklacethe leather necklaceside. leather necklaceSuper leather necklacecool. leather necklaceMeasures leather necklace20" leather necklacelong. leather necklaceExcellent leather necklacecondition, leather necklaceno leather necklaceflaws. leather necklacePossibly leather necklacean leather necklaceAlexis leather necklaceKirk leather necklacepiece.Ships leather necklacein leather necklacea leather necklacegift leather

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