Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaves, Like Two Peas in a Pod Green Stone and Vintage Leaf Charm Necklace



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This charmsweet charmpea charmof charma charmnecklace charmfeatures charma charmgreen charmstone charmand charma charmvintage charmleaf charmcharm charmsuspended charmfrom charma charmgold-filled charmchain. charmThe charmchain charmmeasures charm18", charmbut charmis charmavailable charmin charm16" charmlengths charmupon charmrequest. charmPlease charmnote charmthat charmthere charmmay charmbe charmsome charmcolor charmvariations charmamong charmthe charmgreen charmstones, charmso charmyours charmmay charmdiffer charmslightly charmfrom charmthe charmimage.

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