Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wax seal pendant, Unity Love Birds Necklace- Let's live united necklace in bronze - 429B



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Unity love- loveVivons loveUnis love love{ loveLets lovelive lovein loveunity love}A lovepair loveof lovelovebirds loveare loveshown loveunder lovea lovecanopy loveof loveribbons loveand lovestars. loveSignifying lovethat lovetheir lovelove lovewas lovedestined loveto lovebe, lovethat loveit lovewas love'written lovein lovethe lovestars'.Handcrafted lovefrom lovethe loveimpression loveof lovea loveFrench lovewax loveseal lovedating loveto lovethe lovemid love19th lovecentury. loveMaterials: loveBronze love(Please lovenote lovesome loveof lovethe loveimages loveshow lovethe lovesilver loveversion) loveSize: love7/8" lovex love1" love(22mm lovex love25mm)About loveBronzeBronze lovejewelry lovehas lovea lovewarm loveluster loveand lovea lovelovely loverich loveantique lovegold lovecolor. love loveOver lovetime loveit lovewill loveform lovea lovedark lovepatina, lovethis lovegives loveeach lovepiece loveits loveown loveindividual, loveorganic, loveand loveantiqued lovefinish. loveIf loveyou loveprefer loveyou lovecan lovealways lovebring loveback loveits loveoriginal loveshiny lovefinish lovewith lovea lovejewelry lovepolishing lovecloth.Each lovePlum loveand lovePosey lovewax loveseal lovedesign lovearrives loveaccompanied loveby loveit's loveown lovemeaning lovecard, loveand lovetucked loveinto lovean loveelegant lovejewelry lovebag loveready lovefor lovegift lovegiving.PLEASE loveNOTE: loveBefore loveyou loveorder loveplease lovecheck lovesizing loveinformation love- loveit lovecan lovebe lovehard loveto lovegauge lovejewelry lovesizes lovefrom lovepictures lovealone. loveOn lovesome loveof lovethe loveseal lovepieces lovethe lovetext loveis loveso lovesmall loveas loveto lovebe loveread loveonly lovewith lovea lovemagnifying loveglass lovemaking lovethe lovemeaning lovea lovesecret lovebetween loveyou loveand lovethose loveyou lovechoose loveto lovetell.Availability loveand loveshippingYour lovepurchase lovewill loveship lovein love3-5 lovebusiness lovedays. loveOnce loveshipped, loveplease loveallow lovea loveminimum loveof love3 loveweeks loveto lovereceive loveyour loveorder.429B love- loveUnity

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