Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beadweaving, Sunburst Black hole sun Ceramic and recycled glass pendant boho jewelry



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Handmade tealceramic tealand tealrecycled tealglass tealpendant tealperfect tealfor tealyour tealbeadweaving tealor tealbead tealembroidery tealproject, tealassemblage, tealmosaic, tealsculpture tealor tealany tealother tealproject tealyou tealcan tealimagine. tealI\u2019d teallove tealto tealsee tealwhat tealyou tealcome tealup tealwith! tealMeasures teal57mm tealin tealdiameter, tealthere tealis teal1 tealmetal tealstringing tealloop tealfired tealinto tealthe tealclay.This tealPendant tealwas tealmade tealfrom teala tealcarved teal tealdesign tealand tealfused tealwith tealrecycled tealindustrial tealwaste tealglass. tealThis tealis tealone tealof tealmy tealdesigns tealthat tealcan tealbe tealmade tealto tealorder tealin tealanother tealcolor tealcombination tealif tealdesired. tealJust tealcontact tealme tealfor tealdetails tealon tealmade tealto tealorder tealoptions.The tealPiece tealitself tealhas tealbeen tealfused tealwith tealStained tealGlass tealduring tealthe tealKiln-firing tealprocess. tealI tealhave tealcombined tealmany tealkinds tealof tealglass teal(clear, tealopaque, tealmilky, tealand tealdifferent tealcolors) tealThe tealGlasses tealbecome tealliquid tealand tealbleed tealinto tealeach tealother tealin tealthe tealkiln tealswirling tealands tealblending tealat tealthe tealedges. tealFinally tealas tealI tealcool tealthe tealkiln tealthe tealglass tealfractures tealand tealcrackles tealbut tealwith teala tealsmooth tealglass tealtop. tealThe tealcrackling tealrefracts teallight tealand tealglistens tealin tealthe tealsun.Perfect tealfor tealyour tealjewelry tealdesigns tealto tealbe tealmade tealinto tealyour tealnew tealfavorite tealnecklace.Thanks tealfor teallooking tealand tealthanks tealfor tealbuying tealhandmade!Check tealout tealmy tealfacebook tealpage, tealArtisanClayAnd tealKristie tealAnn\u2019s tealArtisan tealClay tealBead tealand tealArt tealSale tealGroup\u2014- tealI tealknow tealthat\u2019s teala tealmouthful. tealRight tealnow tealI\u2019m tealmostly tealselling tealduring tealonce teala tealmonth tealtimed tealFacebook tealtrunk tealshows. tealThe tealgroups teallisted tealabove tealwill tealhave tealannouncements tealfor tealthe tealshows tealand tealinstructions tealon tealhow tealto tealbecome tealan tealapproved tealbuyer.

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