Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

30 feet gunmetal rolo chainsteampunk, unsoldered links for Bohosteampunk, Victoriansteampunk, Art Nouveau jewelrysteampunk, assemblagesteampunk, costumessteampunk, steampunksteampunk, reenactorssteampunk, tassels



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30 chainsfeet chainsgunmetal chainsrolo chainschain chainswith chainsunsoldered chainslinks chainsfor chainsBoho, chainsVictorian, chainsArt chainsNouveau chainsjewelry, chainsassemblage, chainscostumes, chainssteampunk, chainsreenactors, chainstassels. chains chainsI chainslove chainsthis chainsdainty chainsdark chainssilver chainschain chainsand chainsit chainsis chainsso chainsversatile! chains chainsRegardless chainsof chainswhether chainsyou chainsmake chainsminimalist, chainsbohemian, chainsvintage chainsstyle, chainsassemblage chainsjewelry chainsor chainscostumes, chainsyou chainswill chainsagree chainsthat chainsit chainsis chainsessential chainsin chainsyour chainswork. chains chainsLink chainssize: chains chains2 chainsx chains3 chainsmmUnsoldered chainslinks30 chainsfeet chainscontinuous chainsfootage.More chainsis chainsavailable chainsso chainsif chainsyou chainsneed chainsa chainscustom chainslisting, chainsjust chainsask.

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