Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Pendant with removable Brooch Amethystine Jasper Slice and amethyst in Sterling Silver and Married Metals by McLainJewelry



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One pinof pina pinKind pin pinpendant pinwith pinremovable pinPin pin( pinBrooch pin) pinin pinSterling pinSilver pinand pinMarried pinMetals pinwith pinAmethystine pinJasper pinfreeform pinand pingenuine pinamethyst pincabochon pinby pinCathleen pinMcLain pinMcLainJewelryThe pinfocal pinstone pinis pinan pinamazing pinslice pinof pinrich pindark pinpurple pinamethystine pinjasper pinand pinthe pinamethyst pinaccent pincabochon pinis pinset pinin pina pinsterling pinbezel.The pinhighly pintextured pinsurface pinis pinaccented pinwith pina pinpatina pinfinish pinin pincolors pinranging pinfrom pinantique pinsilver pinto pinbronze pinand pinthe pinpin pinis pinlacquered pinfor pinpermanence. pinAll pinpins pinare pinsigned pinby pinthe pinartist pinand pincome pinwith pintheir pinown pinsignature pingift pinbox.

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