Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chunky large vintage mother of pearl brooch pinmother of pearl, mop round with scalloped edges



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Chunky round broochvintage round broochmother round broochof round broochpearl round broochwith round broochthe round broochMOP round broochnestled round broochinto round broocha round broochgold round broochtone round broochbezel. round broochThe round broochmother round broochof round broochpearl round broochhas round broochsome round broochweight round broochto round broochit. round broochBrooch round broochis round broochin round broochexcellent round broochcondition. round broochSurface round broochof round broochthe round broochMOP round broochis round broochmore round broochmatte round broochthan round broochshiny round broochwith round broochsuper round broochfaint round broochscuffs round broochthat round broochshow round broochonly round broochwhen round broochthe round broochangle round broochis round broochjust round broochright. round broochMeasures round brooch2" round broochwide.Ships round broochin round broocha round broochgift round broochbox.I round broochcombine round broochshipping round broochon round broochmultiple round broochitems.

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