Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Choice of Glass Disc Earrings in Honey Brown or Lime Lifesaverfused, Glass Jewelryfused, Glass Earrings Sterling Silverfused, Willow Glassfused, Dee Tilotta



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Each fusedof fusedthese fusedone-of-a-kind fusedpair fusedof fusedglass fusedearrings fusedmeasure fusedapproximately fused2" fusedin fusedtotal fusedlength. fused fused fusedThey fusedfeature fusedyour fusedchoice fusedof fusedart fusedglass fuseddiscs fusedwith fusedlengths fusedof fusedsterling fusedsilver fusedchain fusedand fusedare fusedsuspended fusedfrom fusedsilver fusedearwires fused(I fusedwill fusedadd fuseda fusedpair fusedof fusedrubber fusednuts fusedso fusedyou fuseddon't fusedlose fusedthese fusedbeauties fused:)Your fusedchoice fusedof fusedLimesicle, fusedLime fusedLifesaver, fusedor fusedTriple fusedHoney fusedat fusedcheckout. fused fused fusedInternational fusedbuyer? fused fused fusedI'll fusedbe fusedhappy fusedto fusedget fusedyou fusedan fusedaccurate fusedshipping fusedcost, fusedjust fusedmessage fusedme fusedthrough fusedthe fusedlisting fusedlink fusedand fusedI fusedwill fusedrespond fusedpromptly.Thanks fusedfor fusedstopping fusedby fusedWillow fusedGlass fusedand fusedfor fusedyour fusedsupport fusedof fusedindependent fusedartisans.Choice fusedof fusedGlass fusedDisc fusedEarrings fusedin fusedHoney fusedBrown fusedor fusedLime fusedLifesaver, fusedGlass fusedJewelry, fused fusedGlass fusedEarrings fusedSterling fusedSilver, fusedWillow fusedGlass, fusedDee fusedTilotta

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