Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beaded Ankle Bracelet Seahorseseahorse, 9 inches Amber Blue Yellow OOAKseahorse, Beachy Coastal Ankletseahorse, Willow Glassseahorse, Dee Tilotta



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This amberbeaded amberankle amberbracelet ambermeasures amberthe amberaverage ambersize amber amberof amber9" amberfrom amberspring amberring amberto amberjump amberring amberclosures amberwhich amberare ambersterling ambersilver. amber amber amberThere amberare amber5 amberfrolicking amberpolymer amberseahorse amberbeads amber ambersurrounded amberby amberamber ambercolored amberfaceted ambercrystal amberbeads amber(6mm) amberand ambertiny amberblue ambercrystal amberbeads. amber amberI amberam ambercurrently amberliving amberin amberthe amberGulf amberCoast amberof amberFlorida amberand amberthis amberis amberpart amberof ambermy amberBeach amberCollection. amber amber amber amber amberThanks amberfor amberstopping amberby amberWillow amberGlass amberand amberfor amberyour ambersupport amberof amberindependent amberartisans.Beaded amberAnkle amberBracelet amberSeahorse, amber9 amberinches amberAmber amberBlue amberYellow amberOOAK, amberBeachy amberCoastal amberAnklet, amberWillow amberGlass, amberDee amberTilotta

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