Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Lilac and mint coloured glass speckled heart dangly drop earringslilac heart, fused glass heartslilac heart, heart earringslilac heart, fused glass earringslilac heart,



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Heart glass earringsshaped glass earringssolid glass earringsglass glass earringsearrings glass earringsmade glass earringsfrom glass earrings glass earringsglass glass earringsfrit glass earringsincluding glass earringsa glass earringssmattering glass earringsof glass earringsdichroic. glass earringsThese glass earringsearrings glass earringsare glass earringsa glass earringslovely glass earringsmixture glass earringsof glass earringspredominantly glass earringslilac, glass earringsmint glass earringsgreen glass earringsand glass earringsyellow/green glass earringsBullseye glass earringsglass. glass earringsThe glass earringshearts glass earringsmeasure glass earrings17mm glass earringsacross. glass earringsThe glass earringsearrings glass earringshave glass earringssilver glass earringsplated glass earringsbails glass earringsand glass earringssilver glass earringswires glass earringsand glass earringscome glass earringsin glass earringsa glass earringsgift glass earringsbox.

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