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labradorite earrings, EARRINGS - Gorgeous Labradorite and Gold Filled Hook Earrings



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\u2661 flashyLovely flashyGold flashyFilled flashyand flashyFlashy flashyLabradorite flashyDrop flashyEarrings flashy\u2661~ flashyLength flashy- flashyTotal flashylength flashyis flashyapprox flashy2.5 flashyinches~ flashyEarring flashyMaterials flashy- flashyGold flashyFilled flashywire flashyand flashylarge flashyhandmade flashyGold flashyFilled flashyhook flashyearwires flashy~ flashyEarring flashyStones flashy- flashyVery flashyhigh flashyquality flashymedium flashyLabradorite flashykites flashywith flashyexcellent flashyblue flashyflash flashy(approx flashy22mm flashyx flashy11mm)** flashyFor flashymore flashypictures, flashymeasurements, flashyetc. flashyplease flashycontact flashyme flashyvia flashythis flashylisting** flashyInternational flashycustomers, flashyplease flashycontact flashyme flashyfor flashya flashyshipping flashyquote

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