Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal earrings, EARRINGS - Faceted Amazonite Gemstones and Gold Geometric Triangle Hoop Earrings



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\u2661 raw gemstoneBoho raw gemstoneLovely raw gemstoneAmazonite raw gemstoneand raw gemstoneGeometric raw gemstoneTriangle raw gemstoneHoop raw gemstoneEarrings! raw gemstone\u2661~ raw gemstoneLength raw gemstone- raw gemstoneTotal raw gemstonelength raw gemstoneis raw gemstoneapprox raw gemstone1.5 raw gemstoneinches~ raw gemstoneEarring raw gemstoneMaterials raw gemstone- raw gemstoneThe raw gemstoneEar raw gemstonehooks/hoops/wires raw gemstoneare raw gemstonemade raw gemstonewith raw gemstoneGold raw gemstonePlated raw gemstoneBrass raw gemstoneWire raw gemstone(approx raw gemstone1.5" raw gemstonex raw gemstone1.5" raw gemstoneat raw gemstonethe raw gemstonewidest raw gemstonepoint) raw gemstoneand raw gemstonethe raw gemstonestones raw gemstoneare raw gemstonewire-wrapped raw gemstonewith raw gemstoneGold raw gemstoneFilled raw gemstonewire~ raw gemstoneEarring raw gemstoneBeads raw gemstone- raw gemstoneLovely, raw gemstoneshiny raw gemstonefaceted raw gemstoneAmazonite raw gemstonenuggets raw gemstone(7-9mm)** raw gemstoneFor raw gemstonemore raw gemstonepictures, raw gemstonemeasurements, raw gemstoneetc. raw gemstoneplease raw gemstonecontact raw gemstoneme raw gemstonevia raw gemstonethis raw gemstonelisting** raw gemstoneInternational raw gemstonecustomers, raw gemstoneplease raw gemstonecontact raw gemstoneme raw gemstonefor raw gemstonea raw gemstoneshipping raw gemstonequote

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