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spoon ring, Spoon Ring | Antique | Water Lily | c 1900 | Size 5.5



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This mother jewelrysweet mother jewelryspoon mother jewelryfeatures mother jewelrya mother jewelrybeautiful mother jewelryWater mother jewelryLily mother jewelrymotif!Details: mother jewelry- mother jewelryPattern: mother jewelryPond mother jewelryLily- mother jewelryc. mother jewelry1900- mother jewelryMfg: mother jewelryPaye mother jewelry& mother jewelryBaker mother jewelry- mother jewelryBowl: mother jewelry"University mother jewelryof mother jewelryIdaho mother jewelryMoscow" mother jewelrywith mother jewelryetching mother jewelryof mother jewelrya mother jewelrybuilding- mother jewelryBack mother jewelryof mother jewelryneck/handle: mother jewelry"March mother jewelry22 mother jewelry1903"Sz mother jewelry5 mother jewelry1/2"Pond/Water mother jewelryLily: mother jewelryrepresents mother jewelrypleasure mother jewelryand mother jewelrypeace mother jewelry** mother jewelryBowl mother jewelrydoes mother jewelrynot mother jewelrycome mother jewelrywith mother jewelryring.

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