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art nouveau, Antique French Art Nouveau Joan of Arc Flower Pin / Brooch c1910



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Antique flowerFrench flowerArt flowerNouveau flowerJoan flowerof flowerArc flowerFlower flowerPin flower/ flowerBrooch flowerc1910. flowerIt's flowerin flowergood flowercondition.Size: flower1" flower1/4 flowerx flower1"We flowerimport flowerFrench flowerantiques flowerand flowerhave flowera flowerboutique flowerin flowerSeattle flowercalled flowerThe flowerCurious flowerNest.For floweritems flowerover flower$100 flowerwe flowerautomatically flowerinsure flowerthe flowerpackage flower(even flowerif flowerit's flowerat flowerour flowerown flowercost).A flowersales flowertax flowerwill flowerbe flowerapplied flowerfor flowerbuyers flowerliving flowerin flowerWashington flowerstate.Please floweremail flowerus flowerwith flowerany flowerquestions flowerthat floweryou flowermay flowerhave flowerand flowerwe flowerpromise flowera flowerquick flowerreply.Don't flowerforget flowerto flowertake flowera flowerlook flowerat flowerour flowerother flowerobjects.

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