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cloisonne, Vintage Snoopy Charlie Brown Baseball Pin Enamel Cloisonne Peanuts Collectible 1131



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Vintage enamelgold enameltone enamelcloisonne enamelpin enamelfeaturing enamelCharlie enamelBrown. enamelMeasures enamel26x18mm. enamelThe enamelpinback enamelshown enamelshows enamelthe enamelstyle enamelfo enamelpin enameland enamelmay enamelnot enamelreflect enamelthe enamelback enamelof enamelthis enamelspecific enamelpin.These enamelwere enamelmade enamelin enamelthe enamel1950s, enamel1960s enameland enamel1970s. enamelSome enamelpieces enamelare enamelstamped enamelor enamellabeled enamelwith enamela enameldate, enamelsome enamelas enamelold enamelas enamel1958. enamelThe enamelback enamelstamp enamelreads enamel"Aviva enamelTaiwan" enamel"\u00a9 enamelUnited enamelFeatures"These enamelcome enamelfrom enamelan enamelextensive enamelcollection enamelthat enamelinclude enamelta enamelvery enamelwide enamelselection enamelof enamelcharms enamelas enamelwell enamelas enamelearrings, enameltie enameltacks, enamelpins, enamelclutch enamelpins, enamel enamelbracelets enameland enamelmore. enamel*These enamelare enamelbetween enamel40 enameland enamel60 enamelyears enamelold, enameland enamelprevious enamelto enamelcoming enamelto enamellive enamelwith enamelme enamelthey enamelwere enamelnot enamelstored enamelin enamela enameltemperature-controlled enamelsetting. enamelMost enamelpieces enamelin enamelare enamelexcellent enamelcondition. enamelThere enamelmay enamelbe enamelsome enamelvery enamelslight enameldiscoloration enamelor enamelwear enamelfrom enamelage enameland enamelstorage enamelon enamelsome enamelcharms. enamelNo enamelchips enamelor enamelcracks. enamelAny enamelexcessive enameldiscoloration enamelor enamelwear enamelwill enamelbe enamelnoted enamelin enamelthe enameldescription enamelof enamelindividual enamelcharms enameland enamelshown enamelin enamelthe enamelphotos enamelin enamelseparate enamellistings.

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