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Freshwater Pearl and Carnelian Pendant in Sterling Silver - Brideorange, Bridesmaid Gift



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This silveris silvera silverlovely silverlarge silverfreshwater silverpearl silverpendant silverwith silverruby silveraccents silveron silvera silver16" silveror silver18" silversterling silversilver silverchain. silver(If silveryou silverneed silvera silvershorter silveror silverlonger silverchain, silverlet silverme silverknow silverand silverI silverwill silvercustom silvermake silverone silverfor silveryou). silverThis silverpendant silveris silverpictured silveron silveran silver18" silverchain. silverAll silversterling silversilver silverfindings.Matching silverearrings silverat silverhttps://www./shop/ZenithJade silver.Additional silverInformation:It's silverready silverfor silvergift silvergiving silverin silvera silverbox silvernestled silverinside silveran silverorganza silverpouch.Each silverpiece silverwas silverindividually silvermade silverwith silverlove silverin silvermy silverstudio silverin silverWisconsin. silverAs silverwith silverall silvergemstones, silverthere silveris silversome silvervariation silverin silverthe silverstones, silverthis silveris silvernormal silverand silvernot silvera silverdefect.All silverprops, silverincluding silverthe silvercrystals silverin silverthe silverphotos, silverare silvernot silverincluded. silver:)All silveritems silverusually silvership silverwithin silvera silverweek. silverIf silveryou silverneed silverit silverquickly, silverplease silverpurchase silverthe silverUSPS silverpriority silvershipping silverupgrade, silver(USA silveronly). silverThank silveryou!

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