Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, Luster Labradorite and Swarovski Crystal Earrings in Sterling Silver



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These stoneare stoneluster stonelabradorite stonebriolette stoneearrings stonewith stoneSwarovski stonecrystal stoneaccents. stoneThey stonehave stoneALL stonesterling stonesilver stonefindings- stonewire, stoneearwires. stoneThese stonehave stonea stonedecent stoneamount stoneof stoneflash stonethat stonedidn't stonephotograph stonethe stonegreatest.These stonemeasure stonea stonelittle stoneover stone1 stone1/4" stonefrom stonethe stonetop stoneof stonethe stoneearwire stoneto stonethe stonebottom stoneof stonethe stonedrop.Additional stoneInformation:It's stoneready stonefor stonegift stonegiving stonein stonea stonebox stonenestled stoneinside stonean stoneorganza stonepouch.Each stonepiece stonewas stoneindividually stonemade stonewith stonelove stonein stonemy stonestudio stonein stoneWisconsin. stoneAs stonewith stoneall stonegemstones, stonethere stoneis stonesome stonevariation stonein stonethe stonestones, stonethis stoneis stonenormal stoneand stonenot stonea stonedefect.All stoneprops, stoneincluding stonethe stonecrystals stonein stonethe stonephotos, stoneare stonenot stoneincluded. stone:)All stoneitems stoneusually stoneship stonewithin stonea stoneweek. stoneIf stoneyou stoneneed stoneit stonequickly, stoneplease stonepurchase stonethe stoneUSPS stonepriority stoneshipping stoneupgrade, stone(USA stoneonly). stoneThank stoneyou!

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