Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

briolette, Green Chalcedony and Swarovski Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver



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These light greenare light greengreen light greenchalcedony light greenbriolette light greenearrings light greenwith light greenSwarovski light greencrystal light greenaccents. light greenThey light greenhave light greenALL light greensterling light greensilver light greenfindings- light greenwire, light greenearwires.These light greenmeasure light green1 light green1/2" light greenfrom light greenthe light greentop light greenof light greenthe light greenearwire light greento light greenthe light greenbottom light greenof light greenthe light greendrop.Additional light greenInformation:It's light greenready light greenfor light greengift light greengiving light greenin light greena light greenbox light greennestled light greeninside light greenan light greenorganza light greenpouch.Each light greenpiece light greenwas light greenindividually light greenmade light greenwith light greenlove light greenin light greenmy light greenstudio light greenin light greenWisconsin. light greenAs light greenwith light greenall light greengemstones, light greenthere light greenis light greensome light greenvariation light greenin light greenthe light greenstones, light greenthis light greenis light greennormal light greenand light greennot light greena light greendefect.All light greenprops, light greenincluding light greenthe light greencrystals light greenin light greenthe light greenphotos, light greenare light greennot light greenincluded. light green:)All light greenitems light greenusually light greenship light greenwithin light greena light greenweek. light greenIf light greenyou light greenneed light greenit light greenquickly, light greenplease light greenpurchase light greenthe light greenUSPS light greenpriority light greenshipping light greenupgrade, light green(USA light greenonly). light greenThank light greenyou!

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