Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Golden Maple Leaf Earringsbrass, Botanical Earringsbrass, Double Maple Leaf Earringsbrass, Boho Earringsbrass, Gilded Leaf Earringsbrass, Gift for Her



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Golden brassMaple brassLeaf brassEarrings, brassBotanical brassEarrings, brassDouble brassMaple brassLeaf brassEarrings, brassBoho brassEarrings, brassGilded brassLeaf brassEarrings, brassGift brassfor brassHerHandmade brassdouble-leaf brassgilded brassbrass brassearrings\u25a1 brassMaterial: brassGilded brassBrass\u25a1 brass2.5 brassinches brasslong brass/ brass1.5 brassinches brassat brasswidest brasspoint\u25a1 brass14K brassgold brassplated brassear brasswires100% brassUSA-made brassbrass, brassnickel brass& brasslead-free.-----------------------------------------Instagram brass\u25b6\ufe0e [email protected]

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