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Freshwater Pearl and Red Sapphire Earrings in Sterling Silver - Bridered earrings, Bridesmaid Gift



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This redis reda redlovely redpair redof redfreshwater redpearl redand redred redsapphire redearrings. redPerfect redfor redyourself redor reda redgift! redAll redsterling redsilver redfindings.Matching rednecklace redat redhttps://www./shop/ZenithJade red.Additional redInformation:It's redready redfor redgift redgiving redin reda redbox rednestled redinside redan redorganza redpouch.Each redpiece redwas redindividually redmade redwith redlove redin redmy redstudio redin redWisconsin. redAs redwith redall redgemstones, redthere redis redsome redvariation redin redthe redstones, redthis redis rednormal redand rednot reda reddefect.All redprops, redincluding redthe redcrystals redin redthe redphotos, redare rednot redincluded. red:)All reditems redusually redship redwithin reda redweek. redIf redyou redneed redit redquickly, redplease redpurchase redthe redUSPS redpriority redshipping redupgrade, red(USA redonly). redThank redyou!

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