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silver, Luster Coated Labradorite Briolette Teardrop Shoulder Duster Earrings



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These flashare flashluster flashcoated flashlabradorite flashteardrop flashbriolette flashshoulder flashduster flashearrings, flash(they flashare flashvery flashlong!) flashThey flashhave flashALL flashsterling flashsilver flashfindings- flashchain, flashearwires flashand flashwire. flashThese flashhave flasha flashsubstantial flashamount flashof flashflash. flashThey flashare flashSO flashpretty.These flashmeasure flash3 flash1/8" flashfrom flashthe flashtop flashof flashthe flashearwire flashto flashthe flashbottom flashof flashthe flashdrop.Additional flashInformation:It's flashready flashfor flashgift flashgiving flashin flasha flashbox flashnestled flashinside flashan flashorganza flashpouch.Each flashpiece flashwas flashindividually flashmade flashwith flashlove flashin flashmy flashstudio flashin flashWisconsin. flashAs flashwith flashall flashgemstones, flashthere flashis flashsome flashvariation flashin flashthe flashstones, flashthis flashis flashnormal flashand flashnot flasha flashdefect.All flashprops, flashincluding flashthe flashcrystals flashin flashthe flashphotos, flashare flashnot flashincluded. flash:)All flashitems flashusually flashship flashwithin flasha flashweek. flashIf flashyou flashneed flashit flashquickly, flashplease flashpurchase flashthe flashUSPS flashpriority flashshipping flashupgrade, flash(USA flashonly). flashThank flashyou!

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