Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

opal, Ethiopian Tree of Life Hand-wired Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain



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This greenis greena greenhand-wrapped greenEthiopian greenOpal greenTree greenof greenLife greenpendant greenmade greenby greenme. greenThe greengreen greenwire greenis greencoated greencopper greenwire, greenthe greenframe greenis greensilver greenplated. greenIt greencomes greenon greenan green18" greensterling greensilver greenchain.Necklace greenLength: green18"Pendant greenLength: green2 green1/2"Meaning greenof greenthe greenStones:Opal greenhas greenalways greenbeen greenassociated greenwith greenlove greenand greenpassion.Additional greenInformation:It's greenready greenfor greengift greengiving greenin greena greenbox greennestled greeninside greenan greenorganza greenpouch.Each greenpiece greenwas greenindividually greenmade greenwith greenlove greenin greenmy greenstudio greenin greenWisconsin. greenThis greennecklace greenis greenone greenof greena greenkind!All greenprops, greenincluding greenthe greencrystals greenin greenthe greenphotos, greenare greennot greenincluded. green:)All greenitems greenusually greenship greenwithin greena greenweek. greenIf greenyou greenneed greenit greenquickly, greenplease greenpurchase greenthe greenUSPS greenpriority greenshipping greenupgrade, green(USA greenonly). greenThank greenyou!

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