Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lobster clasp, Pink Druzy with Morganite and Freshwater Pearls Necklace



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Pink pinkdruzy pinkpendant, pink(super pinksparkle!), pinkfreshwater pinkpearls, pinkmorganite pinkmixed pinkstones pinkand pinkrose pinkquartz pinknecklace. pinkThis pinknecklace pinkis pinkjust pinkgorgeous! pinkAll pinkfindings pinkare pinksilver pinktone pinkand pinksilver pinkplate pinkwith pinka pinklobster pinkclasp.Necklace pinkLength: pink23"Pendant pinkLength: pink1 pink1/8"Meaning pinkof pinkthe pinkStones:Pearls pinkhave pinkbeen pinkknown pinkto pinkhelp pinkbring pinkpeace pinkand pinktranquility pinkto pinkthe pinkwearer; pinkrose pinkquartz pinkeases pinkstress pinkand pinkfear pinkand pinkalso pinkattracts pinklove; pinkmorganite pinkhelps pinkyou pinkcome pinkto pinkterms pinkwith pinkpast pinkpain pinkand pinkfind pinkyour pinkpurpose pinkin pinklife; pinkdruzy pinkhelps pinkto pinkcalm pinkyou pinkdown.Additional pinkInformation:It's pinkready pinkfor pinkgift pinkgiving pinkin pinka pinkbox pinknestled pinkinside pinkan pinkorganza pinkpouch.Each pinkpiece pinkwas pinkindividually pinkmade pinkwith pinklove pinkin pinkmy pinkstudio pinkin pinkWisconsin. pinkThis pinknecklace pinkis pinkone pinkof pinka pinkkind!All pinkprops, pinkincluding pinkthe pinkcrystals pinkin pinkthe pinkphotos, pinkare pinknot pinkincluded. pink:)All pinkitems pinkusually pinkship pinkwithin pinka pinkweek. pinkIf pinkyou pinkneed pinkit pinkquickly, pinkplease pinkpurchase pinkthe pinkUSPS pinkpriority pinkshipping pinkupgrade, pink(USA pinkonly). pinkThank pinkyou!

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