Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, 7x5mm Oval Green Agate Cabachon Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring



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Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenAfter greenburnishing greenthis greenlovely, greendetailed greenring greenblank, greenI greenchose greena greensunny greenapple-green green7x5mm greenagate greenoval greengemstone greento greenbe greenthe greenring's greenfocus greenof greenattention. greenThen greenit greenwas greenon greento greenfinal greenpolishing greenand greenthe greenresult greenis greena greenbeautifully greenintricate greenring greenjust greenperfect greenfor greensomeone greenwith greena greensize greenseven greenfinger. greenMPIN greenRN925Sz7 green043017-11.1082I greenwill greenship greenthis greenyour greenway greenthe greennext greenbusiness greenday greenvia greenUSPS greenfirst greenclass greenmail greenwith greena greentracking greenID greennumber.Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenYour greenDesire greenis greenOur greenDesign.

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