Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stag jewelry, Stag Whimsy Necklace from Antique Wax Seal - 318



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StagHandcrafted deer necklaceusing deer necklacethe deer necklaceimpression deer necklaceof deer necklacea deer necklacemid-19th deer necklacecentury deer necklaceBritish deer necklacewax deer necklaceseal, deer necklacestags deer necklaceare deer necklacegenerally deer necklaceknown deer necklaceas deer necklacepeaceful deer necklacecreatures deer necklacewho deer necklaceprefer deer necklaceto deer necklacenot deer necklaceassail deer necklacehis deer necklaceenemies deer necklacerashly. deer necklaceBut deer necklacewhen deer necklaceprovoked deer necklacethey deer necklacewill deer necklacefight deer necklaceto deer necklacethe deer necklacedeath.Materials: deer necklaceSterling deer necklaceSilverPendant: deer necklaceApprox deer necklace5/8" deer necklace(15mm) deer necklaceEach deer necklacePlum deer necklaceand deer necklacePosey deer necklacewax deer necklaceseal deer necklacedesign deer necklacearrives deer necklaceaccompanied deer necklaceby deer necklaceit's deer necklaceown deer necklacemeaning deer necklacecard, deer necklaceand deer necklacetucked deer necklaceinto deer necklacean deer necklaceelegant deer necklacejewelry deer necklacebag deer necklaceready deer necklacefor deer necklacegift deer necklacegiving.PLEASE deer necklaceNOTE: deer necklaceBefore deer necklaceyou deer necklaceorder deer necklaceplease deer necklacecheck deer necklacesizing deer necklaceinformation deer necklace- deer necklaceit deer necklacecan deer necklacebe deer necklacehard deer necklaceto deer necklacegauge deer necklacejewelry deer necklacesizes deer necklacefrom deer necklacepictures deer necklacealone. deer necklaceOn deer necklacesome deer necklaceof deer necklacethe deer necklacevery deer necklacesmall deer necklaceseal deer necklacepieces deer necklacethe deer necklacetext deer necklaceis deer necklaceso deer necklacesmall deer necklaceas deer necklaceto deer necklacebe deer necklaceread deer necklaceonly deer necklacewith deer necklacea deer necklacemagnifying deer necklaceglass deer necklacemaking deer necklacethe deer necklacemeaning deer necklacea deer necklacesecret deer necklacebetween deer necklaceyou deer necklaceand deer necklacethose deer necklaceyou deer necklacechoose deer necklaceto deer necklacetell.Availability deer necklaceand deer necklaceshippingYour deer necklacepurchase deer necklacewill deer necklaceship deer necklacein deer necklace3-5 deer necklacebusiness deer necklacedays. deer necklaceOnce deer necklaceshipped, deer necklaceplease deer necklaceallow deer necklacea deer necklaceminimum deer necklaceof deer necklace3 deer necklaceweeks deer necklaceto deer necklacereceive deer necklaceyour deer necklaceorder318 deer necklace- deer necklaceStag

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