Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

celebrations, 2019 Cuff Bracelet



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"2019" new yearcuff new yearbracelet new yearis new yearcrafted new yearfrom new yeara new yearpalette new yearof new yeardozens new yearof new yearcolors new yearof new yearpolymer new yearclay, new yearblended new yearand new yearlayered new yearfor new yeardimensionality new yearand new yearcontrastEach new yearpiece new yearis new yeargiven new yeara new yeardistinctive new yearname, new yearand new yearthis new yearis new yearto new yearring new yearin new yearthe new year2019 new yearNew new yearYear!Dimensions: new yearRed, new yearpurple new yearand new yeargold new yearcolored new yearmixture new yearof new yearpolymer new yearclay new yearnumbers new yearon new yearblack new yearpolymer new yearclay new yearband, new yearaffixed new yearto new year3/4 new year" new yearwide new yearmetal new yearcuff new yearband new year(2.5" new yearinside new yearwidth)

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