Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fine silver fern, Silver Fern Necklace - Nature Necklace - Minimalist Necklace - Large Leaf Necklace - Nature Necklace - Boho Necklace



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Handmade minimalist necklacefrom minimalist necklacefine minimalist necklacesilver minimalist necklaceclay minimalist necklace(99.9% minimalist necklacepure minimalist necklacesilver) minimalist necklace- minimalist necklacehangs minimalist necklacefrom minimalist necklacean minimalist necklace18" minimalist necklaceplated minimalist necklacecopper minimalist necklacechain. minimalist necklace minimalist necklaceMeasures minimalist necklace2.25" minimalist necklacewide. minimalist necklaceMade minimalist necklaceto minimalist necklaceorder.

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