Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, Pink Opal Cube Collier



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Beautiful silver platednecklace silver platedmade silver platedof silver plateddelicate silver platedpink silver platedopal silver platedcubes silver platedin silver platedvarious silver platedshades silver platedand silver platedirregularly silver platedincorporated silver platedgold-plated silver platedsilver silver plateddiscs silver platedand silver platedcubes.The silver platedstones silver platedhad silver plateda silver platedbeautiful silver platedhue, silver platedwhich silver platedis silver platedeven silver platedmore silver platedvisible silver plateddue silver platedto silver platedthe silver platedgilded silver platedelements silver platedand silver platedlooks silver platedvery silver platedelegant silver platedbut silver platednot silver platedkitschy.**Material:**Pinkopal925 silver platedSilver, silver platedgold-platedhigh-quality silver platedjewelry silver platedwire**Dimensions:**Cube: silver plated4 silver platedx silver plated4 silver platedmmLength: silver plated45.5 silver platedcmThe silver platedchain silver platedcan silver platedbe silver platedvaried silver platedin silver platedlength silver platedif silver plateddesired.

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