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Horse filigreebrooch filigreewith filigreeblack filigreeand filigreecreme filigree filigreeresin filigreecameo. filigreeThe filigreebase filigreeof filigreethe filigreepin filigreeis filigreean filigreeantiqued filigreesilverplated filigreefiligree filigreewith filigreea filigreefloral filigreemotif. filigree filigreeThe filigreepinback filigreealso filigreehas filigreea filigreebail filigreeso filigreeit filigreecan filigreealso filigreebe filigreeworn filigreeas filigreea filigreependant. filigree filigreeMeasures filigree1 filigree3/4 filigreeinches filigreewide.\r\r\r\rMany filigreeother filigreecameos filigreeand filigreehorse filigreejewelry filigreein filigreeour filigreeshop.

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