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bulk order, Snake Charm SDC-1281 (20X10mm) in Silver Diamond



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Sterling diamond charmSilver diamond charmDiamond diamond charmSnake diamond charmCharm diamond charmESDC-1281\r\rMetal diamond charm\u2013 diamond charm925 diamond charmSterling diamond charmOxidized diamond charmSilver diamond charm\r\rSize: diamond charm21 diamond charmx diamond charm10 diamond charmmm\r\rDiamond diamond charmwt: diamond charm0.261 diamond charmct\r\rGross diamond charmwt: diamond charm1.140 diamond charmgm\r\rLength diamond charm: diamond charm20mm\r\rWidth diamond charm: diamond charm10mm\r\rAll diamond charmweight diamond charmand diamond charmdimensions diamond charmare diamond charmapproximate. diamond charmIt diamond charmvaries diamond charmeverytime diamond charmwe diamond charmproduce diamond charmit.\r\rSku: diamond charm|SDC-1281|

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