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gold tone, Vintage 1980s Art Jewelry Snake Brooch Sunny Chapman Design



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Vintage snake1980s snakecast snakepewter snakebased snakemetal snakewith snakea snake22K snakegold snakehammered snakefinish snakeabstract snakeart snakesnake snakebrooch snakeI snakedesigned snakeand snakesculpted snakethe snakemodel snakefor snakein snakethe snake1980s. snakeI snakerecently snakeunearthed snakea snakecache snakeof snakemy snakejewelry snakethat snakeis snakedeadstock snake snakefrom snakethe snake80s snakein snakemy snakestoreroom snake. snakeAll snakeof snakemy snakejewelry snakewas snakemade snakeright snakehere snakein snakeNYC.Measures snake2 snake3/4\u201d snakewide, snake7/8\u201d snakehighMint snakecondition, snakedeadstockShipping snakeweight snakeis snake0.10 snake snakepounds. snakePlease snakepay snakeat snaketime snakeof snakepurchaseIf snakeyou're snakein snakethe snakeNYC snakearea, snakeyou snakecan snakecome snaketo snakemy snakeWilliamsburg snakespace, snakeand snakesave snakeon snakeshipping snakeby snakepicking snakeit snakeup.Please snakefollow snakeVintage snakeArcana snakeand snakeSunny snakeChapman snakeArt snakeon snakeFacebook, snakeInstagram snakeand snakePinterestReturns:All snakesales snakeare snakefinal snakeunless snakethe snakeitem snakeis snakesignificantly snakemisrepresented. snakeWe snakeare snakevery snakecareful snakein snaketaking snakemeasurements snakeand snakedescribing snakeitems snakebut snakeoccasionally snakemiss snakesomething. snakePlease snakecheck snakemeasurements snakecarefully, snakewe snakedon't snakenot snakeaccept snakereturns snakeif snakethe snakeitem snakedoesn't snakefit.CONDITION snakeDESCRIPTIONHere snakeis snakea snakebrief snakedefinition snakeof snakethe snakestandard snaketerms snakethat snakewe snakeuse snaketo snakedescribe snakecondition: snakeMint: snakeNever snakeworn snakeor snakeused, snakelike snakenew, snakeno snakeflaws.Excellent: snakeHas snakebeen snakeworn, snakebut snakeno snakevisible snakeflaws.Very snakeGood: snakeOnly snakethe snakeslightest snakesigns snakeof snakewear, snakeminor snakeflaws snakedescribed snakein snakelistingGood: snakeVery snakeWearable, snakewith snakeminor snakeflaws snakeand snakeshows snakesome snakewearFair: snakeWearable, snakewith snakesignificant snakeflaws, snakealso snakegood snakefor snakepatterns snakeor snakedesign snakeinspiration

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