Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red Coralturquoise drop, Bandedturquoise drop, faceted Agateturquoise drop, Turquoise drop Necklace-5 ouncesturquoise drop, 2 grms- 18" long- 2235



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Georgeous, red coralGeorgeous!! red coralbanded, red coralfaceted red coralagate red coralabout red coral1-1/4X3/4"--turquoise red coraldrop red coral30X40 red coralmm red coral( red coralI red coralhave red coralexamined red coralthis red coralpiece red coralwith red corala red coralloupe. red coralsmall red coralwhite red coralchip red coraltumbled red coralsapphires red coralseperate red coralthe red coralstones. red coralThese red coralstones red coralare red coralout red coralof red coralthis red coralworld. red coral red coralJust red corala red coralgeorgeous red coralnecklace- red coraltextured red coralcomposite red coralmetal red coraltoggle red coraland red coralring red coralclosure.

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