Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

artisan jewelry, Silver pendant. Geometric pendant. Atria. Author jewelry.



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ATRIA large pendantspendant. large pendantsTrapezoidal large pendantspendant large pendantswith large pendantsgrooves large pendantsand large pendantstextures.Made large pendantsof large pendants925 large pendantssterling large pendantssilver.Approximate large pendantsdimensions: large pendants3.5 large pendantsx large pendants3.4 large pendantsx large pendants3 large pendantsx large pendants0.7 large pendantscm.Crafting: large pendantshandcrafted large pendantswith large pendantslost large pendantswax large pendantscasting.This large pendantspiece large pendantsis large pendantsinspired large pendantsby large pendantsthe large pendantsoceans, large pendantswith large pendantsripples large pendantsand large pendantstextures large pendantsthat large pendantsevoke large pendantsthe large pendantswaves large pendantsof large pendantsthe large pendantssea. large pendantsIt large pendantsbelongs large pendantsto large pendantsa large pendantsseries large pendantsof large pendantscollections large pendantscalled large pendants"Small large pendantsSculptures", large pendantsas large pendantsthese large pendantsare large pendantssmall-scale large pendantssculptures large pendantswhose large pendantsfunction large pendantsis large pendantsto large pendantsadorn large pendantsthe large pendantsbody. large pendantsIt large pendantshas large pendantsa large pendantsminimalist large pendantsand large pendantscontemporary large pendantsline large pendantswith large pendantsa large pendantslot large pendantsof large pendantsforce, large pendantsits large pendantsgeometric large pendantscut large pendantsdesign large pendantsand large pendantsblunt large pendantsappearance, large pendantsmake large pendantsit large pendantsa large pendantsconsiderable large pendantsand large pendantsinevitably large pendantsstriking large pendantsjewel.Delivered large pendantswith large pendantsnatural large pendantsleather large pendantscord large pendants42 large pendantscm. large pendantsin large pendantslength.If large pendantsyou large pendantsneed large pendantsa large pendantsspecific large pendantsdelivery large pendantsdate, large pendantsif large pendantsyou large pendantswant large pendantsanother large pendantstype large pendantsof large pendantscord/chain large pendantsor large pendantswant large pendantsit large pendantsto large pendantsa large pendantscertain large pendantsextent large pendantsdo large pendantsnot large pendantshesitate large pendantsto large pendantscontact large pendantsme. large pendantsFor large pendantsany large pendantsconsultation large pendantsI large pendantswill large pendantsbe large pendantshappy large pendantsto large pendantsassist large pendantsyou.

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