Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Poodle Broochlarge brooch, Sparkling Poodlelarge brooch, Crystal Dog Pinlarge brooch, Gold Poodlelarge brooch, Rhinestone Poodlelarge brooch, Dog Lovers Giftlarge brooch, Unique Gift



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Sparkling large broochRhinestone large broochPoodle large broochDog large brooch large brooch large brooch\ud83d\udc3eThis large broochdog large broochbrooch large broochis large broochabout large brooch1.25 large broochinches large broochlong large broochwith large broochbright large broochgold large broochand large broochsilver large broochrhinestones...Great large broochGift large broochidea large brooch\ud83d\udc3eFor large broochmore large broochDog large broochrelated large broochgifts.... large broochand large broochTurquoise, large broochLapis, large broochCrystal large broochQuartz, large broochOnyx, large broochAbalone, large broochTigers large broochEye... large brooch large broochVisit large broochour large broochEtsy large broochShop... large broochhttps://www./shop/CrystalHavenDesign\ud83c\udf3b

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