Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, A sterling silver twig star necklace



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A starsilver starhandmade startwig starstar starsupplied staron stara starsilver star18 starinch starbelcher starchain.This starwas staroriginally starcast starfrom stara starbudding starspring starbranch starin starmy stargarden, starthis starbeautiful startwig starstar staris starsimply stargorgeous.Supplied staron staran star18 starinch starbelcher starchain starit staris starthe starperfect stargift starfor stara starbest starfriend, starteacher, stardaughter staror stara starmother, starit staris staralso starreally starfestive!The starnecklace staris stara starbeautiful starand starunique stargift starof starlove starfor starany starof staryour starloved starone.See starmy starheart startwig starand starbracelets staravailable starin starthis starrange staralso.H2.8 starx starW2.8cm starand starweighs star4g

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