Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Moon Face Pendantartsyclay, Teal Jewelryartsyclay, Optional Necklaceartsyclay, Full Moonartsyclay, Dreaming Moon



In stock



If teal jewelryyou teal jewelrylove teal jewelryblue, teal jewelryyou'll teal jewelryenjoy teal jewelrywearing teal jewelrythis teal jewelrysparkly teal jewelrymoon teal jewelryface teal jewelrypendant teal jewelry- teal jewelrya teal jewelrypretty teal jewelryaccessory teal jewelryfor teal jewelryany teal jewelrystyle, teal jewelryany teal jewelryseason. teal jewelryThe teal jewelrymoon teal jewelryis teal jewelrysleeping, teal jewelrydreaming teal jewelrysweet teal jewelrydreams teal jewelrywith teal jewelrya teal jewelrypeaceful teal jewelrysmile. teal jewelryHandmade teal jewelryof teal jewelrymedium teal jewelryblue/teal teal jewelrypolymer teal jewelryclay teal jewelryand teal jewelrysealed teal jewelrywith teal jewelryglossy teal jewelryacrylic teal jewelryvarnish teal jewelrywith teal jewelrytiny teal jewelrysparkles. teal jewelryHas teal jewelrya teal jewelrylarge teal jewelryaanraku teal jewelrysilver-plated teal jewelrybail teal jewelryat teal jewelrytop teal jewelryto teal jewelryhold teal jewelrya teal jewelrychain, teal jewelrycord teal jewelryor teal jewelryribbon teal jewelry(loop teal jewelryopening teal jewelrymeasures teal jewelry4.7 teal jewelryx teal jewelry7.5 teal jewelrymm). teal jewelryOPTIONAL: teal jewelryadd teal jewelrya teal jewelrypretty teal jewelryshiny teal jewelrysilver teal jewelryplated teal jewelry18 teal jewelryinch teal jewelryOR teal jewelry24 teal jewelryinch teal jewelryvintage teal jewelrystyle teal jewelrychain, teal jewelrywith teal jewelryoval teal jewelryloops teal jewelryapproximately teal jewelry3mm teal jewelryx teal jewelry4mm teal jewelryand teal jewelrya teal jewelrylobster teal jewelryclasp teal jewelryclosure.NOTE: teal jewelryBecause teal jewelryof teal jewelryvariations teal jewelryin teal jewelrycomputer teal jewelrymonitors, teal jewelryexact teal jewelryshade teal jewelryof teal jewelryblue teal jewelrymay teal jewelrylook teal jewelryslightly teal jewelrydifferent teal jewelryin teal jewelryreal teal jewelrylife.\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605Add teal jewelrya teal jewelrybit teal jewelryof teal jewelrywhimsy teal jewelryto teal jewelryyour teal jewelrylife!artsyclay.\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605 teal jewelry\u2605\u00a9 teal jewelryArtsy teal jewelryClay teal jewelry2020\u2665 teal jewelryhandmade teal jewelrywith teal jewelrylove teal jewelryand teal jewelrycareby teal jewelryJudy teal jewelry\u2665

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